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Engine Rebuild

Engine RebuildZambrano Auto Repair Engine Rebuilding for exceptional car engine services. Whether you need engine-rebuilding services, or you’re looking for towing services if your engine gives out, we can assist you. We are not just a machine shop, we also do installations in the same location. Our company has been established before 15 years, so you can look to us for years of engine expertise. We want you to have to best for your car, so we only use name brand parts to ensure a high-quality engine. Enjoy our convenient location at Brooklyn, NY.

Zambrano Complete Auto Repair Services has an extensive parts department with coverage from automotive imports to heavy duty, industrial diesel engine applications. In addition, we provide customers with full mechanic shop services, ie. engine installations. We take pride in our ability to handle every application and to provide a complete, dependable, excellent product guarenteeing customer satisfaction.

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Rims Repair

Zambrand Auto is your one-stop shop for wheel straightening, repair, replacement, refinishing and just plain good advice.

The aluminum alloy rims used on most cars today are beautiful, but somewhat fragile, and out on the mean streets the dangers are everywhere. If you've ever hit a pothole or a curb and bent or damaged an alloy rim, if your car has developed an annoying vibration.

We specialize in straightening aluminum, magnesium, steel and even motorcycle wheels for businesses and the public. We also offer expert services including refinishing, welding and corrosion removal.

Our products include; new, used and reconditioned wheels, cleaning and polishing products and protective Tire Totes. We are also the place to find quality new aftermarket & chrome wheels, rare and hard-to-find wheels and all types of tires.

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Computerized Wheel Alignment

In its most basic form, a wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is maximum tire life and a vehicle that tracks straight and true when driving along a straight and level road.

Wheel alignment is very important to ensuring your tires do not wear prematurely. A proper alignment also means less wear and tear on steering/suspension components. When a vehicles alignment is out of manufacturer recommended specification, it can cause the vehicle to drift/float or pull in different directions. Improper wheel alignment creates excessive friction on the road surface leading to uneven tire wear and unnecessary stress on steering/suspension components. This excessive drag will also reduce fuel economy.

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Body Work

At Zambrand Auto, we do all types of body repairs, paint work and any collision repairs. Our certified technicians can take a wrecked car and turn it into a beautiful and correctly repaired car. Using quality B.A.S.F. paint, we can restore your vehicle’s luster to a like a new car luster. We work with all insurance companies and can even help you get a rental car. Let us help you get your car looking right again with our quality body shop.

We can fix, replace or repair body parts on your car like mirrors, head light assemblies, tail light assemblies, bumpers, glass, fenders, doors, hood and trunk. Just bring in your car and get a free body estimate. We can let you know what options you have to fix your car right and trying to keep your cost low without taking the quality out of the job. All of our work is guaranteed and the work is quality. To help you save money, we can locate used parts, or aftermarket new parts instead of the new OEM dealer parts.

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NYS Inspection

The New York State vehicle safety inspection program (NYS Inspection) will make sure every vehicle registered in New York State meets the standards for safe operation on our nation’s roadways. NYS requires all vehicles are subject to an emissions and Safety inspection to help reduce air pollution.Every Vehicle in New York State must be inspected every 12 months.

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