Tuesday August 20, 2019, 12:15 PM

Body Work

At Zambrand Auto, we do all types of body repairs, paint work and any collision repairs. Our certified technicians can take a wrecked car and turn it into a beautiful and correctly repaired car. Using quality B.A.S.F. paint, we can restore your vehicle’s luster to a like a new car luster. We work with all insurance companies and can even help you get a rental car. Let us help you get your car looking right again with our quality body shop.

We can fix, replace or repair body parts on your car like mirrors, head light assemblies, tail light assemblies, bumpers, glass, fenders, doors, hood and trunk. Just bring in your car and get a free body estimate. We can let you know what options you have to fix your car right and trying to keep your cost low without taking the quality out of the job. All of our work is guaranteed and the work is quality. To help you save money, we can locate used parts, or aftermarket new parts instead of the new OEM dealer parts.

Some accidents are very bad, twisting the vehicles frame and just about totaling the car. We have the tools and equipment to straighten or replace the car’s frame back to factory measurements. Our body technicians can replace any section of your car and measure the car to assure it is exactly perfect like the factory intended. Using state of the art equipment and all of the latest techniques, our shop has the capabilities to recreate your car back to a safe and quality driving car again. This is important to us and the customer to have peace of mind while driving your car again that your car not only looks right, but that it is right.

During accidents, your airbags may have deployed. After repairing your car, we can replace your airbags and other airbag equipment like sensors, modules, and pretensioners. We use quality aftermarket and or factory equipment to setup and restore your vehicles airbag functions so that they will work again if they need to.

Whether it is a car accident, a dent, or a broken part, just bring your car in to Zambrano Auto Repair for a free estimate today. We are a one stop all in one shop that can get your car looking and driving right. Zambrand Auto can do body repairs, or mechanical repairs right.