Tuesday August 20, 2019, 12:06 PM

Rims Repair

Zambrand Auto is your one-stop shop for wheel straightening, repair, replacement, refinishing and just plain good advice.

The aluminum alloy rims used on most cars today are beautiful, but somewhat fragile, and out on the mean streets the dangers are everywhere. If you've ever hit a pothole or a curb and bent or damaged an alloy rim, if your car has developed an annoying vibration.

We specialize in straightening aluminum, magnesium, steel and even motorcycle wheels for businesses and the public. We also offer expert services including refinishing, welding and corrosion removal.

Our products include; new, used and reconditioned wheels, cleaning and polishing products and protective Tire Totes. We are also the place to find quality new aftermarket & chrome wheels, rare and hard-to-find wheels and all types of tires.