Tuesday August 20, 2019, 11:07 AM

Engine Rebuild

Engine RebuildZambrano Auto Repair Engine Rebuilding for exceptional car engine services. Whether you need engine-rebuilding services, or you’re looking for towing services if your engine gives out, we can assist you. We are not just a machine shop, we also do installations in the same location. Our company has been established before 15 years, so you can look to us for years of engine expertise. We want you to have to best for your car, so we only use name brand parts to ensure a high-quality engine. Enjoy our convenient location at Brooklyn, NY.

Zambrano Complete Auto Repair Services has an extensive parts department with coverage from automotive imports to heavy duty, industrial diesel engine applications. In addition, we provide customers with full mechanic shop services, ie. engine installations. We take pride in our ability to handle every application and to provide a complete, dependable, excellent product guarenteeing customer satisfaction.

A well done engine rebuild is something we’re really passionate about, and we work hard to deliver superior results every time. With every one of our rebuild projects we really believe in the quality of our work. We absolutely care about solving your transportation problems in a way that really performs, and are happy to take the first step with you by towing your car to our shop for free when you decide on a rebuilt engine!